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Funprogrammer USB inkl USB kabel

Funprogrammer USB inkl USB kabel
Funprogrammer USB inkl USB kabel

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Funprogrammer USB kopplas till din USB-post utan att behöva koppla den till ström eller batteri. Det enda som behövs är en standard A-B-USB Kabel. Programmeraren är kompatibel med både USB1.1 och USB2.0 vilket garanterar att den kommer att fungera med din dator utan problem.

Funprogrammer USB is connected to and powersupplied by a USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. Just one standard A-B USB-cable is needed (no need for an additional DC-adaptor).
Being USB1.1 compliant and working on both USB1.1 and USB2.0 controllers, ensures future compatibility.
When not in use, Funprogrammer USB enters a powerdown state using only 0.06 Watt (0.5kWh/year).

Funprogrammer USB programs most popular AVR based smartcards on the market:

Funcard/Funcard2 (AT90S8515 + 24C64)

PrussianCard/Funcard3 (AT90S8515 + 24C128)

PrussianCard2/Funcard4 (AT90S8515 + 24C256)

PrussianCard3/Funcard5 (AT90S8515 + 24C512)

PrussianCard4/Funcard6 (AT90S8515 + 24C1024)

JupiterCard (AT90S2343 + 24C16)

JupiterCard2 (AT90S8535 + 24C64)

FunCard ATmega161 (ATmega161 + 24C64)

FunCard ATmega163 (ATmega163 + 24C256)

BlackCard (ATmega128 + 24C256)

Further cards/combinations of CPU/EEPROM will be added when new cards are available.

Funprogrammer USB is based on a 24MHz RISC processor, and has some of the fastest programming times of any programmer on the market.

The following are times measured while programming and verifying entire cards.
JupiterCard 14 seconds
Funcard 48 seconds
FunCard ATmega161 50 seconds

These are maximum times. The programming algorithms are optimized in any way possible, ensuring as short programming times as possible. Hexfiles which only takes up half the space of a card, takes only half the time to program.

Software runs under Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP.
It has been developed with ease of use in mind, and automatically detects which type of card is inserted. Furthermore it has an advanced detection algorithm, for detecting unknown cards.

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